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In today’s construction industry, “fast-track” is the name of the game, with ever-increasing pressure to get buildings into use as quickly as possible. The pressures imposed are especially felt in the flooring sector where, traditionally, damp sub-floors can seriously delay job completion times.

Now, effective damp suppression can be incorporated economically and safely into new and refurbished flooring systems using Creom moisture suppressant.

Creom moisture suppressant is easily and quickly applied using a good quality roller or spray. It is a water-based, non-toxic product that requires no mixing or special safety procedures.

Drying times are typically 1-4 hours which means that the two coats required can normally be applied within one working day.

Creom suppresses the upward passage of residual moisture in the concrete slab enabling the installation of the chosen flooring system to be carried out at RH levels that would normally be too high to allow such installation to proceed.

Fast-track and first-class performance, Creom is the modern alternative. Please contact Creom UK technical support should you have any questions.

Call 01732 874 954

Creom bottle

Creom was developed in Sweden and launched there commercially in 1990.

Since it’s introduction to the UK market in 1996, Creom has been used in hundreds of new-build and refurbishment projects and is now widely accepted and recommended as the modern solution to residual damp in concrete floors.


Full technical information, including sub-floor RH limits for different flooring types


See full details of sub-floor preparation and how to apply Creom


Examples of the types of buildings where Creom has been used including case studies
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